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Fast Set Up Flat Pack Modular Volumetric Earth Resistant House

46 earthquake resistant house Product details Advantages : 1.The earthquake resistant house is auxiliary with BIM design . The whole earthquake resistant house is composed of many single flat pack modular container house ,which were prefabricated at factory ,and then it was assembled at site ....

Product Details

46 earthquake resistant house 

Product details



L 6058 mm W2438 mm H2896mm


L5820 mm W2200mm H2680 mm


Standard :white

Steel frame

3mm hot galvanized steel beam


60 mm rock wool sandwich panel


1st layer

50 mm rock wool  sandwich panel

2nd layer

100 mm rock wool

3rd layer

Galvanized roof tile


1st layer

Hot galvanized steel sheet

2nd layer

20 mm XPS board

3rd layer

10 mm cement board

4th layer

Vinyl floor /PVC floor

Door (1pc)

Steel security door(with keys )

Size :900 mm*2100mm

Windows (2pcs)

Sliding PVC windows size:800mm*1100 mm


Distribution box*1

Circuit break*1

Ceiling lights *2


Switches *1

Local standard cables

Water pipes

Local standard supply and drainage pipes


Accommodation ,office ,living room ,hotel ,meeting room,dormitory ,shop ,booth ,storage

Kitchen ,shower room ,vanity ,ablution and so on.

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Advantages :

1.The earthquake resistant house is auxiliary   with BIM design . The whole earthquake resistant house is composed of many single flat pack modular container house ,which were prefabricated at factory ,and then it was assembled at site . So it's endowed  with many merits as below :

2.It only costs 20-50% funds than traditional buildings .so it can save lots of investment .The earthquake resistant house is to be combined or stacked one by one with such standard single unit,so it only needs to hire few workers to install it within few hours ,it will save lots of time .It's fast .

3.Portable . The earthquake resistant house can be moved to next migrating sites very easily .

4.Sanitary . The earthquake resistant house was equipped with advanced sanitary wares ,and can keep the house clean and help people to keep heath in daily lives .The earthquake resistant house design is fashion and luxury ,there no needs to make any decoration .

5.Easy for transportation .The earthquake resistant house were flat packed into block , 4 units equal to a 20ft container,8 units equals to a 40 GP container. It can save lots of sea or inland freights .

6.It's seismic ,fire proof & hurricane proof design ,so it can provide good shelter for the public from disasters .

7.The earthquake resistant house is to be built with environment protective materials ,so it yields no harmful substance either during installation or after construction . So it's ecological either to nature or to human beings .

8.The earthquake resistant house is equipped with good performance thermal & heat preservation materials ,so it's good for people who are living in such  environment .The house is cool & smug in living in it .

Instruction diagram steps as below :

详情页46 earthquake resistant house2919.png

production line

详情页46 earthquake resistant house2939.png

flexible layout or customized floor plan

详情页46 earthquake resistant house2984.png详情页46 earthquake resistant house2985.png详情页46 earthquake resistant house2988.png

FAQ:Can your flat pack modular container house be equipped with photo voltaic facilities ? Yes ,we have photo voltaic container houses  . 

MOQ : 4 units
Packing : 4 units equal a 20ft container ,8 units equal a 40 GP .
Payment terms : 30% TT ,the balance will be paid at sight copy of bill of lading .

Welcome to wholesale our fast set up flat pack modular volumetric earth resistant house. As a professional China manufacturer, we also offer customized products made in China. Enjoy the good quality equipment, cheap price and good service now.

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