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Do you have a serious understanding of containers?
- May 11, 2017 -


Container Activity room, also called container room, container house, container House, refers to the main container as the basic material has been slightly transformed into a window with doors of the house. Such containers are commonly used in construction sites as workers ' dormitories, as well as for the use of rented houses, rugged and easy to build. As a result, container rooms are also known as living containers.


The whole hoisting series container activity room adopts the light steel structure system, the wall surface covering the compound ESP insulation wallboard. All wall panels and fittings can be folded and packaged, with simple installation, suitable for long-distance transportation and export shipping.

Reference size:

Single-box movable room (Standard room), 20-foot cabinet, 6058*2438*2680 (mm)

The size of the exported inlet cabinet is relatively narrow 5850*2300*2700 (mm)

Assembled box-type activity room, 40, 60, 80 feet cabinets, etc., can be up and down to spell, or left to spell, can also be produced according to customer requirements.


1. Housing adopts light steel structure system

2. Wall surface to compound ESP Insulation board

3. Roofing, ground, circuit system complete factory prefabrication

4. The roof adopts structural waterproof design to enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the house.


1. Use on-site installation convenience, fast, shorten from build to use time interval

2. The steel structure system makes the house has the remarkable ability to resist the 120km/h wind speed

3. Lightweight structure to allow container activities in the encounter with the earthquake fortification intensity 8 degrees earthquake disaster, showing good integrity

4. Can be transported as a whole, can also compress packaging transportation

5. The field base production quantity is small, shipped to the scene can use

6. Can be recycled, sustainable use for 20 years, the use of the process does not produce any building rubbish

7. When the factory, can be based on the actual application, choose to add decorative accessories such as awning

Scope of application:

1. Construction site for the high-end demand for pro-building products, such as the project manager's office, accommodation, meeting room, etc.

2. Construction site is restricted by the venue, can only install the box-type combo Room products

3. Outdoor work Room

4. Emergency room

5. Also can be used as the high-end requirements of temporary office, accommodation, overall kitchen, bathroom, etc.