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Easy Removable folding Container house
- May 11, 2017 -

Site on the residential container activities of housing everyone may be more familiar, we are familiar with the appearance of the Blue tin box. This container house is imitation of shipping containers, the walls of the layer increased the rock wool, glass wool insulation layer, the most inside the fire wall panels plugging. There is also a color plate structure of the wing, with square tubes, C-shaped steel welded frames, and then with a 50mm thick color plate as a wall plate.

Both of these containers are welded in the factory, and if they are leased or purchased, they are shipped directly to the site. Disassembly container Activity room at present, the main disadvantage of this Site residence container House is not to fold, transport when a ordinary trucks can only transport a, greatly increased the cost of transportation. Today, this network provides you with a folding container activity rooms. This folding container can greatly save the cost of transport, idle time to occupy small space, very suitable for lease use.

If it is engaged in the container leasing enterprises in this way, can greatly reduce the utilization rate of the site. Originally a 18 square meters of the place to stack up to 3 places, now can put 15. The original one car can only transport a, can now transport 5. Disassembly container movable room such removable container activity room draws on the disassembly-type container technology of foreign export, with four pillars as the main support of the upper and lower two bottom frames connected, screw connection fixed, so that containers become a whole, and ordinary welding containers compared to the degree of firmness does not reduce.

Many people have expressed bullish on this removable container activity room. The reason is that this container activity room from the material cost, than the ordinary container activity room is not much higher, in the future use of the process of beneficial value is very large.