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How do house materials know that rings are environmentally friendly?
- May 11, 2017 -

First, the first science of the next two nouns "green building" and "third-party environmental detection."

"Green building": refers to the whole life cycle of the building, to maximize the conservation of energy, protect the environment and reduce pollution, to provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and natural harmony with the building. Green residence in the planning, construction, material selection of materials according to the specific requirements of the traditional residence, mainly including the use of eco-pollution-free building materials, use of clean energy, reduce the energy consumption of residential operation. The country has the attestation standard for the green building, divides into one star, two stars, Samsung. Samsung logo is the highest level of China's construction industry green certification, the Green Building certification standards can have the building, undoubtedly living in comfort, health and environmental protection performance better.

"Third-party environmental detection": developers will not say that their material ring is environmentally friendly, quality is not up to the standard, this time requires a professional third-party testing institutions to evaluate. In the delivery of the inspection room, the prospective owners can also ask the developer of "third-party professional testing Report", which is also the housing environmental protection indicators to meet the standard.