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How much do you know about the accessories in half a pack?
- May 11, 2017 -

Decoration generally has two modes, one is the whole package, one is half-pack, half-pack is artificial cost plus auxiliary materials, but many owners are not clear which is the supplementary materials, accessories fee contains what. Decoration process do not underestimate the auxiliary materials, it plays a very large role. For example: Putty, paint, paint and various kinds of glue, etc., looking at all are humble things, but they play in the decoration of the role is absolutely indispensable to the important factors.

Many people do not know what the accessories contain, in fact, the use of accessories according to their classification can be divided into five categories:

1, including hydroelectric hardware, namely water wires, all kinds of wire pipe, pipes and fittings, etc.

2, mason including green brick, cement, sand, ceramsite, waterproof coating, etc.

3, woodworking hardware, mainly including various types of plates, wooden core board, gypsum board, plywood, wooden keel, all kinds of nails, hinges, slides, etc.

4, paint accessories, mainly including paint, putty powder, talc, cooked gum powder, gypsum powder, etc.

5, a variety of adhesives, mainly including white glue, silica gel.

Decoration accessories are the basis of decoration, only playing a good foundation, to strive for excellence. For example, the use of cement mortar decoration if it is incorrect, or the quality of the clearance, will directly affect the floor tiles, brick wall paving, or even use not long after, will appear the phenomenon of brick. In addition, in the waterproof project, the choice of waterproof material directly affect the quality of decoration. Although it may not appear immediately after the decoration, but after a period of use, if the quality of waterproof materials do not pass, it is likely to appear leakage situation, affecting normal life. Serious words, but also need to do waterproof in fact, in the decoration process of the choice of accessories is also a knowledge.

In the process of home, often appear is a variety of glue, especially the sewing agent. It is suitable for tile cracks, floor gaps and so on. And it can be divided into the sand hook and non-sand hook-seam agent. The sand hook is suitable for seam width 1~12 mm or even wider. Good hook is not only strong, beautiful, waterproof performance is also strong, and can compensate for some waterproof layer defects. And no sand hook is suitable for seam width 1 mm ~10 mm, small particles, if the width of relatively large seam prone to cracking. Therefore, we should choose those that are more delicate and not easy to fall off the hook.

In addition, the choice of waterproof coatings, is also very fastidious. Waterproof coatings Use the most place is the bathroom and kitchen, waterproof layer is to have a certain thickness, the use of materials will be relatively large. Therefore, in the selection of non-tar waterproof coatings, the material quality is stable, the pollution is also small, and has a good adhesion. In the decoration process of the choice of excipients is also a knowledge. such as the simplest putty, paints, paints and various glue, although these things look inconspicuous, but they contain enormous energy, but also the decoration can not be ignored elements.