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Introduction of common ceiling materials and mounting accessories
- May 11, 2017 -

Although the ceiling is not like the ground and Metope can be contacted and used, but the roof in the residential decoration effect is very important. People's vision often contact with it more time, so the shape of the ceiling and the texture of the materials used directly affect the effect of space. At present, the market ceiling materials are mainly mineral wool board, Gypsum board, Wood (wood-based panels), glass, metal, PVC buckle plates and so on.

Gypsum board is based on the construction gypsum as the main raw material, mixed with the appropriate amount of additives and fiber to make the core, to a special sheet of paper for the surface of the surface, made of processed plates. Gypsum board has the characteristics of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulating, difficult deformation, strong processing performance, convenient construction and so on. With abundant gypsum resources and low price, gypsum board becomes an important material for replacing timber, especially suitable for home decoration. In addition, its surface has a good coloring, but also on its surface to paste wallpaper, paint coating and other advantages, so become the main ceiling material. In addition to the more suitable for the ceiling, gypsum board is also a very good material for partition and partition.

At present the market on gypsum board specifications are mainly 1220 mm x3000 mm, 1220 mm x2440 (mm) two sizes. In the choice of gypsum board, visual quality of the appearance of corrugated, trench, stain and scratches, such as defects, protective paper and gypsum board connection must not be exposed. When purchasing, the dealer should ask for inspection report.

PVC plastic Buckle plate, plexiglass, frosted glass, mineral wool boards and other commonly used in the kitchen and toilet, their shortcomings are easy to aging, not easy to wash or color single, decorative poor. The specifications of PVC buckle plates are generally: width (20~30 cm), Length (3 ~ 4 meters). The specifications of the mineral wool board are generally 400 mm x400 mm, 500 mm x500 mm, 600 mm x600 mm and so on several specifications.

Metal (aluminum buckle plate) Suspended in recent years only appeared and popularity, it has become a kitchen ceiling of the new darling. Compared with the traditional materials, metal ceiling has a variety of elegant color, three-dimensional sense of strong, decorative effect, and other decorative materials, such as brick, marble, etc. can form a very coordinated overall decoration effect. Metal ceiling fireproof, waterproof performance, material light, high strength, not easy to aging, easy to install, with good sound-absorbing, sound insulation performance, also has the oil fume cleaning convenience, long service life, not easy to change discoloration and so on.