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Introduction of the installation method of container movable room
- May 11, 2017 -

Container activity room is similar to building, will surround and partition foundation leveling, preferably with reinforced concrete, also can choose 24 wall brick masonry, the stronger; then the upright pillar, with the transverse beam to connect the skeleton, the clapboard, the exterior wall panels and the door window frames; then installs the floor purlin, installs the stairs, paving the floor, then installs one layer upward, then the roof truss and the roofing board, pulls the vertical support. There are sanitary ware ah, hardware and so on.

In fact, this is the light steel structure, and heavy steel factory buildings very similar activities room concealed works refers to the construction process, completion of the process, will be the next process to cover up, after all the completion of the site can not be inspected, do bedroom decoration, "covert works" is the key, if "covert works" did not do well, the surface decoration is again beautiful, is futile.

"Covert works" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation and moisture-proof, waterproof and other projects. Each of these a items can not be ignored, if any link out of the problem, may bring serious economic loss, even harm to personal security. The construction craft and material identification of waterproof project, avoid unnecessary economic loss and damage.