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The appearance and heat insulation of the common container movable room
- May 11, 2017 -

Container activity Room In recent years the application of more, the use of the scope is more and more widespread, below we to understand the common container activity room shape and heat insulation exactly what is.

1, container Activity Room Profiles: The shape of the standard container, door-end part of the transformation, the cancellation of container forklift truck slot and goose neck beams, with ordinary cross-beam substitution. Remove the ventilation hole structure. The interior of the cabinet is divided into air conditioning, transitional and equipment. Air conditioner is used to install air-conditioning and provide heat exchanger environment. The transition provides a transitional space from an outdoor environment to an indoor environment, between the transition to the equipment and a sliding door to prevent steep drops and sand. The device is used to install the device. Additionally, other functional segmentation can be performed according to the requirements of specific equipment.

Second, the container activity room insulation: Because the container shell is steel, thermal conductivity is very strong, need to carry out insulation treatment, to ensure that the equipment in good environmental conditions run. The insulation structure of the container room is mainly composed of connecting structure, wooden frame structure, heat insulating filler and plywood, insulating filler material for polystyrene foam plate and polyurethane. By polystyrene foam and Polyurethane potting foam composition, or all use of polyurethane foam, the use of such insulation structure, and then with the corresponding sealing measures, a large degree of reference to the container activity room insulation performance.

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