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The necessary accessories for the warm paving of the Shui
- May 11, 2017 -

1, the warm paving auxiliary material-pin

The fixed way of the ground heating pipes mainly adopts the peg to fasten, the use of the peg makes the ground warm pipe fixed more quickly and conveniently. Steel Wire nail adopts U-shaped design, U-type opening distance of the base warm pipe diameter to determine, generally is 3.5-4.0cm, slightly larger than the semicircle diameter of the nail, this design is mainly using the elasticity of the wire nail itself, so that the nail has an outward elastic.

2, the warm paving accessories-tie

The tie effect is similar to the peg effect. Mainly used to fixed warm tubes, pin and tie the quality of the pipe to the temperature of the temperature, some of the inferior pin and tie in the fixed heating pipes, the warm coil will be caused by the tension of the tube, is the warm coil deformation.

3, the land warm paving accessories-ground warm bend tube

A pipe fitting (auxiliary tool) for rapid bending and shaping of warm pipes beneath the water splitter. Can effectively prevent the heat pipe distortion, rebound, shrink diameter, die folding, loose and other problems, increase the safety and reliability of heating, and the pipe bending radius in line with 6 times times the outside diameter of the GB requirements, while increasing the beauty of warm.

4, the warm paving accessories-ground warm temperature controller

The ground warm thermostat is a kind of terminal control product developed for the control of this heating equipment, it can be based on the time of people's need to set up the switch machine or room temperature, so as to realize the intelligent heating.