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2017 Shanghai Energy Save & Green Architecture Exhibition Activities
- Jul 11, 2017 -

2017 Shanghai Energy Save & Greeen Architecture Exhibition was held on 2017 07 05-07.The fair's topic is new energy save & green architecture which will bring new mode of people lives in habitating or working in such ones and the value we are pursuing in creating a healthy & ecological environment .Many suppliers took part in and brought their newly innovated contruction materials ,new technology ,new solutions and new concept so as to meet new needs of marketing requirements.

Jiangsu Baoce Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd also brought our new products to show our new debut for the market.

  1. flat pack modular container house .It's size equals to a 20ft container ,lenth 6.058m width 2.438m height 2.796m ,15 square metres occupation .The components or parts were prefabricated at workshop ,and then assembled at site .So it has as below merits : A. Fast built . It only take a few hours to set it up by two workers .It can save about 40-60% project time than traditional buildings money . It can save about 40-60% fund than traditional buildings freight .All the parts or components were flat packed into a cabin .We regard one flat pack modular container house as a basic unit. 4 units equal to a 20ft container ,8 units equal to a 40 GP container .So it can save lots of money either in seafreight or inland freight .D. Using one flat pack modular container house as a basic unit ,it can combined or stacked into granny flat ,hospital ,military camp,clinic ,post house ,refugee camp ,office,labor camp ,mobile toilet ,vanity ,workshop ,warehouse .E.It's earthquake resistant ,fire-retardant ,anti-damp ,hurricane proof .It's popularized by people where there were  frequently hurricane attacked or earthquake attached .It provides safe shelter for people who are living in it . F.It's eco-friendly .It yields no harmful substances either during production in workshop or during people who are living in it .All the materials are either good to human being's health or  nature .

  2. EPS panel . EPS panel is composed of two layers silicate board or FC boards at two sides ,at middle of them there are perlites parcels &  concretes solid mixture . It's size : width 610 mm ,lenght 2440 mm or 3000mm, thickness from 50mm-150mm. It has as below merits : . It reaches to National A1 fire-retardant Standard 72 Hours . B.anti-damp .The silicates boards surface has many micro pores to let air in or out ,so it's good to human being's health . C .lighter than traditional enclosure materials .It's density is 0.8 ,lighter than water . So it can float on water . D .stick and tough . E.It can be hanged or made slot or groove on surface . F .Sound & heat insulation . It had good performance to insulate sound or heat ,so it was often adopted by hospitals ,hotel ,workshop,office .

  3. Silicate board or FC board . 

  4. Rockwool color steel sandwich panel .

    During the exhibition ,there were many vistors and buyers to attend our pavilion .They focused on our new products ,and they are eager to cooperate with us .

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