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How To Buy High Quality Light Steel
- May 11, 2017 -

Surface color

As we all know, light steel surface bright and smooth, careful people will find that different steel in the sunlight will be slightly emitting different colors of light, oxidation treatment, phosphating treatment, electroplating, electroless plating electroforming, electrophoresis and electro-polishing, surface conversion film, and so on, different processes determine its different physical properties, such as light steel surface blackening or blue is oxidized, while the color of light steel galvanized after the gray white (or silver), passivation the color is light yellow, the light steel can be based on the identification.

Galvanized surface

The antirust process of steel surface has oxidation, phosphating, passivation, zinc plating and so on. In the light steel structure used in the house, galvanized steel becomes the main material, its surface zinc is different because of the thickness, which causes its physical property and anticorrosion life. The most common in the market is 40 grams of galvanized, this kind of steel in China's northeast or northwest more applicable, dry and less rain; Zinc plating content is 275 grams for the best, wet and rainy coastal cities, according to project testing, 275 grams of galvanized steel can be used for more than 30-60 years, and is exposed to the air, do not add any wall and surface insulation of moisture-proof anti-corrosion decorative materials used in the case, if the increase of moisture-proof walls, insulation and other materials will be light steel seal, then its life expectancy can be imagined, will be longer, at least 90 years. The surface of light steel keel should be galvanized rust-proof national standard (its double-sided zinc plating): Excellence is not less than 120g/m*m, first-class products are not less than 100g/m*m, qualified products are not less than 80g/m*m.