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Misunderstanding Of People's Understanding Of Wooden Houses
- May 11, 2017 -

When it comes to wooden house, we will always question whether the fire is not warm and so on, most people may have some misunderstanding about the cottage villa, let me explain it for you!

1, wooden Villa flammable

Wood is flammable. So most people will feel that the house Villa easy to attack fire, originally this is a fault understanding, timber only in small pieces of time will burn, and modern wood is used to paint the fire layer of information, and has a certain flame retardant, can block the wood and flame touch. The flammability of wood is ingrained in our brains, naturally feel that the cottage villa is very simple to attack fires. Originally to ignite a log is extremely difficult, as long as the logs into small firewood, can be ignited, it is a very common sense.

2, cottage Villa Simple and pedantic

Many people will feel that wood is simple and rotten, because we subconsciously think that wood moisture fast, simple cracking, will present a lot of cracks, otherwise, the timber life span is very long, insect-resistant, and preservation of the time is also very long, other, in the establishment of cottage Villa will do some anti-corrosion measures. Originally logs the longevity of dozens of cent long, its durability can be more than thousands of years, its anti-borers is very strong, like camphor wood insect repellent Usually, in Sweden, now still standing in the 500 at the mercy of a building built in the log, has experienced 1500 years of rain sun. With the increasing efficiency of modern science and technology preservatives, the durability of timber is greatly enhanced.

3, Cottage villa is not strong

Our most caring is the security of the cottage villa, most people feel that the cottage villa in the building is not as strong as the concrete house, originally wooden Villa selection is a special establishment technology, will not show a non-robust scene, we can be centering on living. The construction of wooden structure is similar to the construction of traditional wooden structure in China, such as multi-layer overlapping is more stable and robust. The wooden structure is very tolerant, and the box structure of the cabin will divide the force evenly, its own structure light, and has a strong elastic resilience, on the sudden impact load and cyclical fatigue damage has a strong resistance to the ability, so the absorption of the earthquake in the large, the structure of the roots in the attack can be shifted by their own elastic reset without the collapse of the attack. In Taiwan earthquake, the cottage villa almost no collapse, many casualties in the earthquake is due to heavy concrete ceiling or floor collapse and pressure people to death, but wood ceiling or floor to be much lighter, not easily collapsed, the formation of damage is also very few. In general, wooden huts are lightweight, resistant to sedimentation, anti-aging, and thoroughly subjected to the Earth's magnetic field. In Japan so earthquake and typhoon areas, the seismic and wind resistance characteristics of log construction have been fully verified by our trust

4, the cottage is very cold

Wood is an excellent low insulator, with low conductivity. Under the same thickness, wood insulation value than the solid brick walls of the residence is three times times higher than the norm-mixing soil 16 times times higher than the steel 400 times times, 1600 times times higher than aluminum, if reaching the same insulation effect, wood needs thickness is mixed soil 1\15, is the steel 1\400. The insulation material in the cavity of wooden structure provides efficient energy saving method and simple construction. Outstanding thermal insulation function means that long-term reduction of electricity or gas consumption, that is, can be said that both energy saving and warm in winter and cool in summer living environment.