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Prefabricated Room
- May 11, 2017 -

Prefabricated houses, prefabricated buildings.

Precast panels, which are the cement molds or cement plates to be used in the project. When making a precast panel, the hollow model of the wooden nails is used first, after the steel bars are distributed in the hollow part of the model, the hollow parts are filled with cement, and the rest is the precast slab. The precast slabs are much useful in building, such as the cement slabs covered by the ditches beside the highways; slabs of concrete boards on the roof are prefabricated panels.

The precast slabs have both solid and hollow. The purpose of making hollow slabs is simply said because the hollow position of the plate is not force, so the hollow place in the concrete is not used, so that the force can be free of space, to reduce the weight and cost savings. But now it is not advocated using prefabricated hollow slabs, the structure of the building is now used in the cast-in-place structure, the advantage is that the building of the whole house is good, that is to be stronger.