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The Next 5 Years Home Custom-made System Still Lead The Industry
- May 11, 2017 -

In the past 2016, the home industry is called "customized melting Year", a variety of single-product furniture customization to achieve a cross-house integration of the large, showing the vitality of the home industry. In this respect, the industry said, looking ahead to the next five years, customized products are still the mainstream of household industry.

Nowadays, in April, the season of recovering all the flowers is also the traditional decoration season. Nearly a period of time, the author around the choice of custom-made home products, from custom-made wooden doors to custom-made wardrobe, from the single product to the whole house, no one does not highlight the importance of customized home decoration.

Of course, the demand of the market is the call of the industry charge. The current home market is a set of the wind, and this trend is also intensified, many brands began to test the whole house of water transformation, from Dan Pin home suppliers to the whole, System Solution provider transformation, to provide consumers with "design + products + Services" one-stop solution.

In the fierce competition in the market, who grasp the opportunity, who obtains the good development of the fingers. And the custom-made decoration seems to be such a keyword. This is not groundless, with the pace of people's working life accelerated, consumer demand for home decoration is also in the promotion, home outfit style of the aspirations of the more personality, they are in need of efficient and effective renovation scheme, so they want to buy a war-style home products.

It is the insight of consumer demand, some businessmen first launched the whole house custom-made model, the living room, bedroom, kitchen, study and so on this series of integration, to meet the consumer's one-stop shopping, product style integration needs. This has prompted more home brands and merchants to enter the whole House booking area.