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The Principle Of Modular Design Of Container House
- May 11, 2017 -

The main principles of modular design of container houses are:

The basic module of a container house is a single box module or a combo box module, and shall conform to the following requirements:

① The main function space of the container House should use the basic module.

② the same function of the basic module should be versatile and interchangeable.

The modular combination should embody the diversity and richness of architectural composition.

④ module and other components, should form a reasonable structure system.

After the modular combination, the configuration of the construction equipment should be systematic.

Basic module in the factory completed internal decoration and equipment configuration, it is advisable to adopt standardized design.

Components other than basic modules should be designed to be standardized or modular, with the use of enclosure modules.

The equipment uses centralized functional space, such as public toilet, shower, toilet, laundry room, variable distribution room, pump room, kitchen operation room, elevator room, etc. should be located in the container module.

Container housing module should be in the size of the box, according to the use of functional requirements for a reasonable space design.

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